Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkins are our friends.

Saturday Mark, Cari, and I met with my friends Jennifer and Kseniya and their kids and took ourselves on over to the pumpkin patch. And the funny thing is, Jennifer picked the same patch Mark and I went to last week. Wow, it's our new place. Above are Jennifer's kids. No, you are not seeing batman everywhere. Well, you kinda are, but not really.

Luke did NOT want to wear his correctly. He wanted to do it his way. And this is his way. Works for me. He's cute enough to do it any way he wants to.

Kseniya's kids. Wow, another batman. Maybe you ARE seeing batman everywhere..........

This week we did get on the wagon going to the pumpkin patch (see last blog) and it was fun!

We get down to the pumpkin patch and it was pumpkin heaven! The pumpkins were everywhere and I have to say every pumpkin I saw was in good shape and a nice selection. Like I said, pumpkin heaven. Read my lips.

Kseniya couldn't wait to take pictures of the pumpkin heaven.

Can you blame her, being the mom of a kid with a smile like this? Wouldn't you be taking pictures all the time? Gabe is worth lots and lots of pictures, trust me.

And while Gabe has his back turned, Caleb finds a pumpkin worthy of pumpkin heaven. And Caleb is one of my FAVORITE people in the world. Another young man picture worthy at any time.

Batman. Again. Even in pumpkin heaven.

Mark is having lots of fun in pumpkin heaven. Overwhelmed in pumpkin heaven.

Mary and Luke are happy, running to greet pumpkin heaven.

Cari liked the apples in pumpkin heaven. But she was sad there wasn't any cider in pumpkin heaven.
When we took Cari home Mark had to play with kittens. Three kittens. It doesn't get much better than that. Mark was in 'kitten heaven'.

And then that night I baby sat my friend's baby, little Ellie. She was adorable, and good, and we had lots of fun. I was in 'baby heaven'.

I tried to take a picture of my 'baby', but no go. They're like that at this age. Sigh. Ah, living in 'teenager heaven' has it's ups and downs. Sigh.

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