Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rainy days and football: a perfect mix!

Thursday night found Mark and I driving on over to Tigard High for a football game. In service day for Tigard on Friday, so the game was on Thursday. Weather was a 'bit' wet and wild.

We got there, and Mark took off to meet the coaches and I walked on down to Cooks Park for a tailgate party. Man, did it RAIN and all kinds of fun stuff. AND I was carrying some cookies with me. But I have to admit it wasn't very cold, and I rather enjoyed the walk. I came back in time to catch the boys warming up.

Look at the weather. Football weather my friends. Oh yes.

We weren't sure if we were going to end up with a very wet game (I didn't really care since I was going to be taping in the booth, all nice and dry during the game). Mark dreads wet games since he does the stats. Poor baby.

Tigard was playing Newberg. And Newberg played tough! They basically ruled the third quarter, but as you can see our guys came out ready to play, took things in hand, and won the game. But boy oh boy, Newberg played well.

The Tigard Tiger was out greeting the folks. Yes, he's a bit blurry, but he is a big ole Tiger folks, a big ole Tiger that's talking to a bunch of teenagers. What did you expect?

And the band was out in force, with the band from Fowler Middle School playing along for part of it. That rocked! I love when the band plays at the game, and I love the spirit they bring to the game. It's not the same without them there. Go Band!

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