Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

Last night Mark, my sister-in-law MJ, my mother-in-law, and myself traveled to Portland to meet up with Cari. She took us on a tour of Wieden + Kennedy: amazing!!! And the most amazing part to me? How nice everyone was. Plain ole NICE. Cari's boss shared a project she's working on, and in the process taught us a lot about the history of W + K. At one point when Cari took us to one section of that huge building, there was a gentleman working away. We spoke with him for a while, he explained the history of the cool t-shirt he was wearing (a eagle holding a hamburger...there's much more to the story...) and he suggested somewhere for us to eat. Come to find out it was Mr. Kennedy himself! Mr "just do it". Wow. I'm so proud of Cari, and I'm so glad she has the opportunity to work somewhere that will encourage her to develop her talent. She's worked hard for this. We had a wonderful time, and a big part of that was just being with her.

AND we went out to dinner at Weinhards (I think that's what it's called, it's the old brewery). Well, whatever it's name, it's a wonderful place to eat. Good beer, almost too many to choose from.

Why oh why didn't I take my camera? But I did grab my camera when we got home and of course had to take a picture of Steven. Nice pose buddy.

And a picture of MJ, Mom, and Mark. How very lucky am I that they're my family? I started out with great parents, and added a couple more when I married Mark. And another fun sister to hang out with! And more brothers and some, I adore my family.

Okay, so I had to take another picture of my boy. He's just too darn cute! I adore my son. I really do.

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