Sunday, April 13, 2008

A real Crafty Wonderland!!

Cari and I went to the Crafty Wonderland at the Doug Fir today: it was wonderful! I found so many neat things, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. On our way there Cari bought me a cup of coffee, with pumpkin spice, and it was one of the best cups of coffee I've ever had, and I don't say that lightly. How come all the great little coffee places are in Portland and not good old Tigard? Why oh why? Thanks Cari for the coffee: it was amazing.

The Wonderland has a website, listing the websites for many of the vendors, and last night I checked out several of their pages before the event. And everyone of them met my expectations. I bought a print that I had admired (I'll post a picture here tomorrow), some greeting cards (yes, I'll post them too), cute little pins and magnets (again, they'll find their way here), a GREAT wallet (the one in the picture above, with the green monster, if you haven't figured it out), and a fun purse, made from a child's book as you can see in the picture. I LOVE my purse, and she had some Monopoly purses. Too good for Relay, since that's our theme this year. She said she donates purses, so I'm suppose to contact her and I can put it in our silent auction. How cool is that??

I mean, how cute is this? Can you not stand how cute it is?

And as I'm taking pictures of the purse and wallet, I had to take a picture of my snowman throwing a football to his little penguin pal. Football and penguins: these types of things make me happy. :)

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