Saturday, March 22, 2014

Loving folks raising money for Relay!

Last night Mark played poker in a fundraiser for our Relay,
and I went along for the 'ride'.
It was held in a local business (we have such wonderful folks in our community!) and
part of the fun was checking out all the amazing vehicles.

This remodeled bus was amazing!
He uses it for tailgating.
You should see the inside.

They raised around $1,400.

Jamie did a fantastic job!!!

Angie cleaned up. For a while.
She hung in there for quite a while, and had fun as well.
Steve didn't do too badly himself!

Key and Steve, in the center, are our Survivors.
They are my heroes.

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Amber said...

Great pictures Mary! It was a fun night and the boys are already looking forward to next year. Thanks for joining us.