Monday, March 24, 2014

Go Hawks Part 2

Greenie O'Relay had so much fun at the game.

Here is another picture of Bonnie, this time with her friends and family.
We could see them across the rink.

They do a 50/50 drawing and the amount it ended up being was amazing!!!
Maybe we should have bought a ticket......

Our goalie did a great job.

Go Hawks!

Now this is dressing up for the game!!!

We won!!!

We always wait to see them present the 3 top players of the game.

This woman was so nice: we got a kick out of her.
She's my kind of people.

O'Relay made sure folks knew to recycle.

And Mark helped him support the Blazers.

Now he wants to go to a Blazers game.
We may have to make that happen!

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