Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mary and the opportunity of a lifetime.

What a wonderful opportunity I have before me.
Working at Hands On Greater Portland is opening a new world to me.
One of the tasks I'm doing is taking part in different volunteer opportunities.
Here I'm volunteering for Store To Door.  They take grocery orders for seniors and disabled people, do their shopping, and deliver the groceries to their door.  Wow, you get to shop and it doesn't cost you a cent?  Sign me up.  The people running the event were so nice, it was very organized, and I felt good after taking part. 
If you didn't understand something on the order, or they didn't have the item listed, you called the person you were shopping for to confirm.  I had to call a couple of folks, and one of the women's last name was Dixon.  Part of my family on my Mother's side are named Dixon: this made me feel more connected to what I was doing, even though she is probably not related to me at all. 
This is the picture they posted on the Hands On Greater Portland Facebook page.  Wow, a picture of myself I like: ha, I gotta hire this gal to take my picture for LinkedIn! 

Here I'm volunteering at Molly's Fund: it's was a fundraiser to support research for Lupus.
The event was filled with dining rooms decorated by local decorators.  I fell in love with several of them and they made me want to spruce up the house with lots and lots of color, LOL.
I can't tell you how nice the folks were I volunteered with.  I so enjoyed this event, I loved what they stood for and believe in, and I will gladly help Molly's Fund in the future.
Look at the colors here.  Look at the fun this decorator had while helping to raise money for a great cause. I will try to post more of the rooms later.
Next week I'm volunteering for an event at Intel (go figure) and I'm looking at the HOGP calendar to see what other volunteer events I'm going to help with. 
HOGP is in the United Way building.  Their receptionist has been ill and I've been filling in for her, giving me new job skills, and a chance to see if this is something I'd like to do.  I'm meeting so many people this way, and learning more about myself everyday.  Yes, as I've said before, this is scary for me not knowing what is coming next, but I still think it's an amazing opportunity for me to grow, and to find out what I want to be when I grow up.  I think I'm one of the luckiest folks you'll ever know!!!

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Amber said...

You are amazing Mary!