Monday, October 7, 2013

Dad explains the world to Piet

I was going through Cari's blog and I found some fun pictures.
That's what I love about blogs: you can go back through the years and remember things that happened.  Like Mark talking to Piet.  Well, I think he was really talking to Cari.
But we'll let Piet think he was talking to him.
Today was a good day at work. 
Hands On Greater Portland is in the United Way building.  Their receptionist called in sick today and I covered for her during the morning.  I really enjoyed it.  She left very clear instructions, and everyone there is so nice that it made it very user friendly for me.
I had a young woman call who needed some assistance: she didn't have enough money to cover her heating bill.  I was able to direct her to 211: they are an organization who helps folks find support at a time like this.  It felt good to be able to connect the young lady with someone who could help her.
I'm working on a couple of other projects as well for HOGP.   It's a good fit for me and I'm very lucky to have this opportunity.

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