Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fridays rock!

A week ago Friday was an amazing, sunny day.  I decided to go out and enjoy the weather.

I wanted to go and check out the big ole 'guy made out of metal'.

The weather has been so dreary lately that the sunshine was so very welcome!

I passed the pond down the street.

I walked to the mall and it still cracks me up that there is a car dealership in the mall.  Really?

We call this 'the monkey house'.  For years it was covered in vines and trees: you couldn't see the house at all.  Then one day it was for sale and a young man bought it to fix it up.  Steven and Doug talked to someone at the house who told them the woman who lived there had worked at the research center in Aloha and had two or three monkeys that had been used for research living with her at one time.  Don't know if that's true, but we still like to call it 'the monkey house'.  Has a ring to it.  And the house looks SO much better now.

Got home and as I walked out of the bathroom I admired my penguin with the football in my hallway.  My friend Kseniya put it up in my office: her son Jon did it and I LOVE it!  He greets me every morning.  Oh, I added the football.

That night we barbequed some steaks, opened a bottle of wine, and Mark built a fire.
It was a wonderful day.