Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fun Mom's Day Weekend

What a fun weekend! Mark and I met up with my friend Bonnie and her family to go to the Winterhawks game. The second period was tough, with the Winterhawks getting lots of penalties and at the end of the period the score was 6 to 2, with our team down. BUT they came together in the third period, and even though they lost the score was 7 to 5. Very exciting end to the game. And then I baked up a storm (and notice Cari I used the windmill cookie cutter!!) and took some Mom's Day treats to the House. I met one of the new volunteers, Sandra Jo. We hit it off right away and I think we'll have fun baking in the future. Then Doug and Steven were home and we had pizza and cake. Good times my friends! Happy Mom's Day to my Mom friends.

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