Sunday, August 29, 2010


Here are some of my team mates at the first pass off from van 1 to van 2.

Our friend Tammy, who is on the team "Sweaty Bettys' is so happy to be starting her first leg!

This team cracked everyone up! They are the Disco Divas and they did a coordinated dance routine and did it very well. And they changed outfits on a regular basis. They were a kick to be around.

Since our team is 'Save the Ta Tas', we put bras all around our vans. On our van we had 'big bertha' right up front.

When our team member ran, she would wear a coconut bra with small lights on there. They were a big hit! Tracy, at the upper left with the white shirt, is wearing them as she is the next walker, but she wore them backwards! That was pretty funny.

Ta tas.

Ta tas.


See how lovely they are?

Be proud of the ta tas!!

Afterward we hung out in the beer garden. The weather was suppose to be rainy, but thank goodness it was sunny and warm at times. Hey, after all, we were at the Oregon coast.

Maureen and Shelia having fun at the party on the beach.

Lots of folks having fun at the party.

So many funny sayings on vans.

And a lot of blow up dolls!!! Hmmmm......

This was a funny one. The apple fritter van.

Even gnomes love apple fritters.

Here we party with the sweaty bettys.

While we were partying with the SB they decided to clean the porta potties! Oh no! Rather yucky, I must say.....

One of the disco divas. Love them!!!

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