Saturday, August 4, 2007

Sherwood Relay For Life

Mark and I went to the Sherwood Relay For Life to check it out. I saw a couple of kids with antlers on...wasn't sure what that was about until I saw this GREAT Christmas display! I loved it! This is a wonderful picture opportunity for all teams. I want to think up something similar for our Relay next year. As we say at work: steal with pride. Steal an idea, but be sure to give the credit to the person who thought it up. I don't know who did this, but great idea.

Who you gonna call?

This is from a Pirate's Theme. We also saw some Pink Ladies (all the gals wearing pink t-shirts, with their hair in ponytails, just like the fifties), the Incredibles (high school kids...hilarious!), and there was a "Happy Feet" display. The picture didn't turn out real well, but I was glad to see penguins involved. Always a good thing when a penguin is involved with Relay.

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