Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lunch date.

I love having Fridays off. So, Mark took yesterday off and we took ourselves off into Portland to explore. We first went to the Portland Art Museum. Haven't been there for years and loved it. Very few folks there, so perfect time to go. Then we went to catch MAX to go to lunch at Portland City Grill. While waiting for MAX we watched while 'Occupy Portland' folks were demonstrating nearby. Very peaceful. Some signs, and a bit of dancing going on, for some reason. And let me just say lunch at PCG was GREAT! Wonderful views. Our waiter was prompt, attentive, and nice. Food was really good (and yes Mary Jo, I drank wine...who knew? But while their wine is normally rather expensive, at lunch it's only 5 dollars a I tried the most expensive, LOL!! And yes, it was good). And since Intel gave us a gift card, it was also free. Always love that. And we have enough on the card to go for lunch again. We're already looking forward to that. Fun date.


KCina said...

Very cool! I have yet to go to PCG! Someday.

Too funny about the Portland Art Museum...I was at the Heathman and the Oregon Historical Society Friday ~11am-12pm talking with them about last minute logistics...Our F2F is also at Portland Art Museum on Thursday next week...that's the only place I didnt' stop.

So glad you & Mark were able to spend a fun, albeit soggy day together in Portland! :)

Amber said...

Looks like a wonderful day!

Mary Jo said...

I got the same Cookie Lee necklace. Super cute on you. So Amsterdam made you wine drinkers! Cool.