Thursday, July 29, 2010

McMenamins all the time!

We seem to be going to McMenamins a lot lately. One night Cari, Doug, Caitlyn, Mark, and I went to the one off of Scholls for Doug's birthday. He likes this one, so off we went. Don't you love Cari's glasses???

Heck, everyone is wearing glasses.

Doug seems to be able to take care of himself.

So WHAT the heck is Cari doing?

Number one?

Then when Dad was in town he, Mark, and I went to Edgefield.

Mark loves to sit outside.

Ater lunch you have to stroll and check everything out.

The artwork.

The gardens.

The golf course. It's all here!

We love it out here, and like Dad said, we'd probably be out here nearly everyday if we lived nearby.

Even the street signs are fun.

And Dad and I went to John Barleycorns for lunch.

Dad gets a kick out of the fact it's next to a warehouse. Gotta take a picture!

Love the coasters. Dad talked our waiter into getting him a few to take home.

This is 'part' of my favorite beer. I like to order a 'Rubinator': a mixture of Ruby and Terminator. I think Cari turned me on to these. Man, I love my children!!!

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