Sunday, June 6, 2010

Portland LOVES Ronald!

Caleb and I got the great luck to be in the Starlight Parade last night in Portland (and the wonderful weather was an added bonus!). We rode in the Ronald McDonald House float, built by the amazing folks at Parr Lumber. And let me just say everyone was as nice as could be, and I'm SO GLAD the lumber for our new house came from there. I would never go anywhere else.

Below are some pictures I think the folks at the House would like to see: I plan on loading more, with more of Caleb's adventures in Portland, but these are so the folks at the House can see them until I give Chad a CD of all the pictures I took that I think they'll want (there are more than below). Chad, thanks for letting me give Caleb a 10th birthday to remember. We had so much fun we can hardly stand it, and it was an event I so glad we didn't miss.

And let me just say that you can't even imagine the excitement that folks, young and old, showed when Ronald showed up in the parade. I knew that Ronald was popular, but to see it in person from his perspective was a true learning experience.

He got several 'I love you Ronalds', many requests for cheeseburgers, and a marriage proposal. What a guy!


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These are great pictures Mary! Thanks again for treating Caleb to the experience. He is still talking about it! He had such a good time!!