Monday, July 28, 2008

July is really National Birthday month!!

Today is Mark's birthday. Happy Birthday baby!

We have a blast together: this is a picture from when we went to Oregon State's football spring training. We both had a blast. Football: that's the key to our relationship. That and a beer every now and then. And some pizza. And cake. Maybe some ice cream. Then some more football.

Oh, and the fact that next year Mark will be old enough to get me the senior discount at the Franz bread store. That's right: a discount on bread. Just what a girl needs. Oh yes, this relationship just gets better and better! Bread. You go boy! Momma needs a loaf of sourdough!

As a matter of fact, his sister Mary Jo has a birthday this month too. How cool is that? Here they are on the ferry, enjoying the sites: how cute can they be?

Oh, and Doug has a birthday this month. Doug loves his Bampa. He sure does.

And a big old 'Hi Erik'!

Now remember, it's Mark's birthday today. Mark. Here is a picture of him and his little friends having a cold one. At a football party. What did I tell you? Football. It's all football folks.

Yes, there's my boy. That other July birthday boy. My youngest child is now 18. WHEN did THAT happen?

And here is my niece Megan, Doug's birthday buddy. They share their birthday. I can't think of anyone I'd rather have share Doug's day. She's a doll, and I adore her. And I'm rather fond of that cute boy there with her. I wish my nieces were closer: I'd have them over all the time.

And don't forget Mary Jo. One of my favorite people in the ENTIRE world. I love her very much.
I'd have her over all the time too if she were closer.

I love and adore my husband. He is funny, clever, kind, smart, very cute, adores his children and shows them (very important to me), and I don't know what I'd do without him.

Happy Birthday Mark. You deserve all the best the world has to offer. Think sourdough.

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