Saturday, September 8, 2007

My parents.

I realized I had not posted a picture of the luminaria bag I created for my mom for our Relay For Life. I did one for my dad as well, but I can't find the darn picture! Dang it. It was great, trust me.

I adore my mom. She's so funny, and sweet, and passed on her love for Agatha Christie to me. That alone is worth the price of admission! I wish we lived closer to each other: this is one of my few regrets in moving to Oregon.

And I got my love of sports from my dad. I think about all the times we'd go somewhere and my dad would be listening to a baseball game. For me as a kid, that was a comfortable feeling, and to this day I still enjoy listening to a game while driving somewhere, or reading. I'm rather fond of my dad as well. Sue me.

I'm very lucky. Through my life my parents have been there for me. I love them very much.

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