Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Mark.

This is where the Mariner Moose hangs out. We must have just missed him.

I've said it before: are we cute or what???

Quite a crowd at the game.

The 'birthday boy' and Doug at the game.

Mary Jo and Doug chilling on the ferry.

Waiting for the ferry to Seattle from Bremerton, Randy and Mary Jo are standing in front of the shipyard offices where Randy works...he looks so happy to be so close to work, doesn't he?

Saturday was Mark's birthday. So Mark, his sister Mary Jo, her husband Randy, their daughter (and our adorable niece!) Jessica, our adorable son Doug, and I went to a Mariners Game. It was a blast. I bought the birthday package for Mark: he got a travel bag, hat, ball, gift certificate, and his name up on the scoreboard. He got a real kick out of it.
The game was fun. Mary Jo got us great seats, down a bit from first base, in the 11th row. Amazing. There were a couple of Mariner home runs, Ichiro was there (and a fan ran on the field and gave him a was hilarious!), and the crowd became pumped up when JJ, the relief pitcher, came up to the mound. I've never experienced anything like that, even in football. And we won! How can you beat that?

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